I am Emily, hi!

Welcome to my website, where you can browse my collections, see my inspiration and treat yourself or someone special. This is how my story goes...

I studied Jewellery and Silversmithing at Loughborough University and after graduating worked in retail for many years. My experience with Laings of Edinburgh and The Ringmaker varied from repair work, designing for clients and working in their workshops alongside some incredibly talented jewellers. I still love the industry and work part time at Hamilton & Inches in beautiful Edinburgh.

In 2009, after paying off the majority of my student debts I decided that it was time to leave the comfort of my hometown and go travelling. Eventually I found my way to New Zealand, where my two brothers have settled, and spent an amazing 6 years exploring, working and setting up my little jewellery business. 

I brought my experiences home in 2013, for wherever I travelled, Scotland was always where my heart was. I live in beautiful East Lothian with my husband and dog, and I design and create in my tiny studio at home. 


 My passion is creating jewellery which will be worn and loved, with a symbolic and geometric association to nature, and a simple way of life. I love simplifying shapes and creating a pause where familiarity is connected with the tangible within unique jewellery which expresses effortless style. 

I find my pieces by playing with shapes, looking into patterns and a lot of it comes very instinctively.