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Well, here we are, 12 weeks into an unusual time that no one could have predicted. A time that has been harder for some, with illness and losses and sadnesses of an unaccountable level. For others a difficult time of self reflection, of re-assessing what 'life' is. What 'normal' is - if 'normal' is good enough, when faced with huge change. Are we giving ourselves the lives that we want if they were to suddenly and dramatically change. Are we kind enough to each other, do we actively protect one-another, are we aware of how much we rely on each other?
On a personal level my life has had some serious jolts since the beginning of 2020. Our house was condemned due to past coal mining activity and it transpired that it was actually dangerous for us to be living in. Thankfully we moved into temporary accommodation just as lockdown hit. Additionally my husband and I found out that we are pregnant in February.. So a time of uncertainty, of apprehension, anxiety, stress and concerns is an understatement! We are just grateful that our friends and family are healthy and that we can consider ourselves lucky.
I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog for a long time, to share my jewellery ideas, thoughts, good and bad days. I love reading other creative blogs, learning what makes people tick and what inspires their work. I also love hearing about how makers make. Processes, techniques and materials. So I am going to write about these aspects of my work.  It seems I've missed the trend boat and now the 'thing' is a podcast.. haha Im not ready for that (and I don't think you are either!!!) 
So here goes, forgive my ramblings and please let me know if you agree/disagree/love/hate what I am writing! I want this to be an honest account of stuff, it won't always be pretty, and you may see my dishes/washing in the background (see below) but thats life... and maybe I want to see your dishes and washing too! I promise there will be more jewellery in the next one! This is me pondering my first blog post.. and life in general.. 

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